Monday, February 21, 2011

Satan's New Strategy

Satan once was our enemy. He bared his horns, sent his followers to destroy and massacre Christians, took away our bibles, created laws against us, locked us up in prison, and sent us in hiding for centuries. What came from that? Our faiths were strengthened. We were bold and loved not our lives unto the death. A revival swept across the body of believers.

So now Satan has a new strategy.

Satan is now our friend.

We have religious freedom. We have no fear of being martyred for our faith in this country today. We know that we won't go to jail for our faith. Now we have become offended if we hear we have to suffer for our faith. We are offended at tribulation and have created a new doctrine in the 1800's that we will escape any kind of tribulation by a secret rapture. Anyone who says otherwise is offensive and we don't want to hear him.

He gave us our Bibles back. They are found in many book stores, and even Christian stores. We can even get them for free! But now we never read it. It collects dust at home. When it comes to knowing our Bible, we are so illiterate! We have become so lazy that we depend on someone else to tell us a verse or two at the pulpit once a week, and then we forget about it anyways. No one is able to defend what they believe in and why they believe it with the Bible, but instead, we will quote someone else or give a link.

Now Satan has crept in unawares into our congregation. This happened just like the Bible said it would. The Jesuits infiltrated the churches years ago by causing division in the church, and planting in a Jesuit false pastor to spread damnable doctrines and to blind the Christians. Alberto Rivera was an ex-jesuit that was killed for exposing this. He counted there to be approximately 1.605 million priests, nuns, and devoted members of the Vatican becoming trained agents to infiltrate churches. This has been happening for so long that these lies have become the very essence of Christianity..but when we dig those doctrinal roots, it will lead you back to the Vatican. When we wake up and search for truth in the Word, we will find that Christianity has gone off so terribly awry.. and the ironic thing is that the truth is in the book that is under two inches of dust under a pile of books somewhere in our house.

"For I know this, that after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock." Acts 20:29

"For there are certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this condemnation . . ." Jude 4

Now Satan has his own Christian TV shows! He has his own Christian network! His own Christian radio channel! He has thousands of Christian books! When you walk in a Christian store, 90% of these books and CDs are horribly tainted. We blindly follow these men as angels of light, messengers of truth, and they have become our word of god.

Some examples:

Tim Lahaye, a popular author of the Left Behind series is also known as a high-level Mason. Here in this book, "Power of the Cross," he uses a Knights of Templar symbol on the cover. The Knights of Templar are a luciferian, illuminanti secret society. Why would a "Christian" author use such a symbol?

 Tim LaHaye again uses another symbol in this book, "Prophecy Study Bible." He puts a hexagram star in the seal, which is the most powerful symbol in witchcraft. It is used to bring a hex and a curse to others. The illuminanti uses this as a powerful symbol as well. Also, if you look closely, the A has a 'v' shape, making this into a masonic compass.

 Michael Pearl is an author of several books, as well as videos and audio tapes. He is mostly known for the No Greater Joy series which is widely popular with Christians. However, why would he use a Celtic writing font for his book, "Eight Kingdoms" as well as the sun-symbol (notice the O with a dot in the center?). It is a witchcraft symbol for the sun-god that is used by Masons.

 The No Greater Joy logo has a sun symbol, which many satanists use to represent their sun-god. Also look at "ministries" on the bottom, and notice that the M is an upside-down trident symbol.

 Michael Pearl's other popular book is called "Good and Evil." Yet, what is interesting is that he put in an upside down satanic cross as the I in Evil. This is also a widely-used satanic symbol to dishonor and mock God. This is why VW tries to make Christians aware of those symbols, so that we may expose those who are deceiving us.

We also have an article on Joyce Meyers, and her "All-seeing eye" references, CLICK HERE to go to the article.

Also, to read more, be sure to check out this wonderful website: Liberty to the Captives 

Again, we emphasize that the only one we can ever trust is Jesus Christ. He is the only true vine. He is the only true Shepherd. He is the only Truth. He is the only Way.  We need to rely on Him solely.

A Voice in the Wilderness

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