Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Joyce Meyer: False Teacher, Wolf, and possible Luciferian


Joyce Meyer's 5/31/2010 broadcast of "Enjoying Everyday Life" has exposed her further, and this time I have tangible PROOF of what she has said:

"We're never going to mature and develop godly character until we learn to live with the all-seeing eye on us all the time. "

Maybe you didn't believe me when I first blogged about what I heard her say. Well, this latest proof eliminates that doubt!

Here is a link to the transcript of the broadcast. Her all-seeing eye comment occurs at 9:54 on there. (Which actually differs from the time on the video I found of the same broadcast.

Here is a link to Joyce Meyer's main video broadcast page. You'll have to scroll over to the 5/31/2010 broadcast. The comment occurs at approximately 20:27 of the video. I'm not sure how long her "ministry" (heh heh) will keep this broadcast on the site, so I actually took the liberty to record the audio onto my own computer.

If you're short on time, or the original links to this Satanic wolf's quote are gone, here's the link I made of the audio.

Special thanks to "Anna," who left me a comment with the transcript link today about this broadcast. I wouldn't have known otherwise!


I know what you're thinking. You thought my last blog entry was controversial! Well, I've been putting off something I've needed to share for months now. Joyce Meyer is a total wolf in sheep's clothing, and should be avoided like the plague. I have absolutely no problem saying that. I will give you first hand proof of this, and then you'll be held accountable if you decide to watch her or listen to her, or support her "ministry."

Before I give my personal proof, I'll begin by pointing out the very obvious. The Bible calls Joyce Meyer out from the start.

1 Timothy 2:
12] But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.
13] For Adam was first formed, then Eve.
14] And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.

Read that a few times, soak it in. Now I'm not against women or anything of the sort, but this passage has been largely ignored in this country. People look for reasons to shoot it down. "Oh Paul was talking about that specific church at the time!" I always ask "then why is it in God's eternal Word, if it applies to one little assembly?" The phrase "usurp authority" is key here. The man is the spiritual leader of a household, a family, a congregation. It's akin to the analogy of marriage in the New Testament. The man is to love his wife as Jesus loves His Bride. How's that for a standard set?

Ephesians 5:
22] Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord.
23] For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body.
24] Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in every thing.

From Ephesians we see a clear example that man is the head of the household, and the wife is to submit to them. I'm not saying the man has grounds to be a tyrant or anything of the sort, he is to love his wife like Jesus loves His own! So what am I getting at here? The man is also the spiritual head of a family unit, and he leads the wife and family in all things Christ. The wife does not "usurp authority" over the man, from the verses listed above. This same thing applies to Joyce Meyer. What is she doing when she so arrogantly walks about on stage? She's teaching (false doctrine and evil, I may add) to both women
and men! Usurping man's authority over the Body of Christ.

So with that said, Joyce Meyer shouldn't even be standing up on a stage, preaching the self-centered "Enjoying Everyday Life" gospel to the masses. However, she still is, and I must drop this bombshell on you to (hopefully) open your eyes.

I guess I like getting myself aggravated in the mornings. Earlier this year I developed a little habit of turning Joyce Meyer's program on before work here and there. Maybe I did it to get riled up enough to wake up for work, I don't know. Anyway, one morning I'm eating my cereal, disgusted at her prancing around arrogantly and getting the massive applause of the audience, and she spits this out, and I quote:

"We have to have the revelation that we are living under the All-Seeing Eye."

My jaw almost hit the floor as she paused for dramatic effect. The crowd roared after she said it, which added to my shock and despair. I immediately ran from the living room to my bedroom to jot down exactly what she said, word for word. It was so astounding that I never even had to refer back to my notes to explain this to people.

Do you understand what she said? Do you know who/what the All-Seeing Eye is? It's the same eye that's on the back of every dollar bill in America. It represents the
eye of Lucifer, also known as the eye of Horus and eye of Osiris. A masonic, purely evil symbol referring to the destroyer that Jesus Christ threw out of heaven for rebelling against God. There are many, many links on the internet about this symbol, and if you pay attention you can see many corporate logos and album covers displaying variations of these, too. In an attempt to fully convince you just how evil this quote from Joyce Meyer is, I will provide you with more information. - this is an excellent link that provides great insight into all of what I'm talking about here. It goes above and beyond this topic, but it is priceless information! - this website shows you the connection of the all-seeing eye to the ancient Egyptian religions. Ancient Egypt's religion never really left, it's just hidden in things like Freemasonry, and believe it or not, Catholicism.

All in all, the All-Seeing Eye is a representation of Satan himself. Joyce Meyer chose this term quite obviously. She was
NOT referring to the God of Israel. I had mentioned this quote in a Christian chat, and people either got extremely mad, told me to "get saved," or made excuses for her. Someone said that it's simply another name for God. Wrong! Show me where the phrase "all-seeing eye" is EVER used to address the Lord! I shudder to even think about that. It is nowhere in the Bible, and Joyce Meyer knows it. I believe she has an allegiance to Satan. No Christian would ever think about using that phrase. No Christian would even know of it unless they researched ancient Egyptian religion, freemasonry, or the secrets on our dollar bill!

Please, I ask you to read this with an open mind, hear what I'm saying, and examine it. Research. Pray. Ask God about it. Why would a supposed Christian refer to our Lord with a phrase that all masons and most satanists/luciferians know to be related to Lucifer? It makes zero sense.

There is more information out there on the internet further showing how Joyce Meyer is a phony. I'll leave it up to you to do the research. I will say though, very strongly, that
Joyce Meyer is a false teacher and a wolf. She should be avoided like the plague, and I hope you share this message with any Christian that thinks she is ok!

Here are a few pictures showing the All-Seeing Eye's influence in our culture:

This is a masonic ring, depicting their usual logo, except the "G" in the middle is removed, and the All-Seeing Eye (which in this case is a variation of the eye of Horus, same thing) is displayed.

The devil's hands have reached the entertainment industry as well. Here we see a "Hellboy" comic with the title, and a little eye picture transposed on top of Hellboy.

Does Madonna lead a Christ-led life? I don't think so, Tim. Her unabashed sexuality and open
practice of Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism/magic) tell us otherwise. Here we see her sporting the All -Seeing Eye on her jacket, same style as on our money. Still think this term represents the One true God?


Are you seeing a "coincidence" yet? Here's a few pictures I took off of my own TV


And finally, to drive this home, I'll give you examples from the music world.

Steve Vai - Passion and Warfare

The All-Seeing Eye is right above Steve.

Shadows Fall - Retribution

You have to look carefully, but the eye is dead-center, right above the band name.

Dream Theater - Black Clouds and Silver Linings

We see the eye on the bottom left, propped up against a stand.

Dream Theater - A Rite of Passage

The first single for the album above. I posted this cover because it clearly displays the connection with masonry, and the song title refers to masonic rites.

Jay-Z, who also calls himself J-HOVAH, making the All-Seeing Eye symbol with his hands and left eye. The left eye is always the one depicted in the logo itself.

Pearl Jam - No Code

This one hit hard for me. I grew up listening to these guys, but I never opened this booklet all the way, exposing the huge eye inside the pyramid. It may be hard to see, but the eye is dead center amongst all the pictures. Clever, huh. No code? I don't think so.

Michael Jackson - Dangerous

Fitting to end this blog entry with a Michael Jackson reference. Check out the eye on the bottom right.

You've read the quote from Joyce Meyer, you've seen what the term "All-Seeing Eye" means, and you've seen pictures of this eye with ungodly associations. So now it's up to you to decide, is Joyce Meyer a false teacher and a wolf? I certainly think so!

A Voice in the Wilderness


Jenn @ A Country Girl's Ramblings said...

I personally don't listen to Joyce Meyers because I don't believe women should be preaching, either. All the rest of your article was very thought provoking...

Nonsensicalgirl said...

I've never listened to Joyce Meyers because I feel as you mentioned that she is out of her place and assumed I wouldn't agree with her anyway. But the rest of this is very interesting!! I think often about how surprised everyone might be if they really knew just how many so-called "Christians" will hear Jesus say He never knew them regardless of what they claim to have done in His name one day.

M said...

Another excellent post. Thanks for all your hard work! So glad there's other people out there spreading truth instead of more deceit!

Miss Charlene said...

Once I learned that Joyce Meyers said that Jesus went down and burned in hell after the crucifixion. I'd love to see the verse where she got that from although I'm sure there isn't one.

Peter Stone said...

Thanks for sharing this. I just did a search on the net for Joyce Meyer heresies, and wow, frightening, the things she says that removes the work Christ did on the Cross!

dkuehne said...

It's always good to give a context of said statements. Do you know the context. I don't like her and I'm not defending her, but what was the context?

Daviana said...

wow I had no Idea about this, and I never heard about joyce meyers, and I know one thing that any women shouldn't be preaching at any church, It should be a man as a pastor to talk about the bible for truth teachings...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


A Voice in the Wilderness said...

I don't know where you heard that God loves sin, because the Bible says exactly the opposite.

Cathy R said...

I have been setting under the teaching of Joyce Meyer for over 20 years. I started listening to her on Christen radio the same week I accepted Christ into my life. If one would take take the time to really hear her message one would see the understanding, love and acceptance of Christ. That is in the word of God being teached. When we lost our home and the Church we attended had no compassion or caring for us for us. Joyce Meyer was there with a word of hope. When I lost my last child in a miscarriage. She pointed me to the word of God and and peace. When we found my oldest son had raped his 2 little sisters over a 3 year period when they where all small without us knowing it. And my oldest daughter wanted to kill herself because of this as a 17 year old. Joyce Meyer was there with a word of forgiveness and comfort in looking to Christ. If I sent her a donation or not to her organization still faithfully sent my monthly magazine. From her teachings ( and she is not the only bible teacher I am drawn to)
I have learned to keep my mouth shut in anger, hear the voice of my husband, submit to the voice of my husband in a loving way, learn to listen to the Gods Holy Spirit. Keep Gods Word in my heart, how to give the Lords Love and acceptance to others. I have learned not to see people with my eyes to see With Gods eyes. To Have a vision in Christ to serve others.There were times she was the only teacher I heard making the word of God make since to me in my life for what I was going through at the time. This is what I have learned. When I support JMM I am supporting the Dream Center in her home town, Jail Ministry here in the USA. She sends bibles and personal care items to men and women in jail. I'm supporting homes being built in flood areas here in the USA, food, teaching tapes and bible translation in 38 languages I think it was at last count... Now what are you doing for the body of Christ?? If you have a problem with Joyce Meyer, her being a lady preacher or teacher please fast and pray for her to change in the Will of God... Also for some man to take over all she has done and is doing. Pray all of the people she has led to the Lord ... ohh What would you do with them? It is not a time to point fingers. The devil is the accuser of the brother...We need to rejoice with them that rejoice. Weep with them that weep, point the way to Christ. Who died for the people in this world and left heaven to help us out of our mess, To give us true salvation and a new birth...That is all I have to say. I'm sorry if I made any writing errors.
I'm black, I'm 51, I've been married to the same man for 21 years. We have 6 living children and 2 Grand children. We are happy in Christ... My last question to you is what is your testimony?? PS all her ministry financial reports are on her web-sight. She is a member of the ECFA a watch dog organization for non- profit organizations.
Sincerely, And I'm praying for you.
Joyce Meyer has a tape series on "Judging" I think it would help you..
Cathy R.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE JOYCE MEYER she is a TRUE christian. I have read the negative post on her and all I have to say WOW!! ALL of you are SO IGNORANT ..but then again so where the romans when christ would speak and they didnt believe what he said. ALL I KNOW is I WILL BE IN HEAVEN WITH JOYCE my heavenly sister & all my heavenly brothers & sisters :) HOPE IT's the same for all of you! SHE HAD LED THOUSANDS IF NOT MILLIONS TO PEOPLE TO CHRIST! HOW MANY HAVE YOU BROUGHT TO CHRIST???? Exactly thats what I thoght.

A Voice in the Wilderness said...

To the anonymous poster above: "No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him: and I will raise him up at the last day." John 6:44

God brings us to Christ, not man.

Anna H said...

It saddens me to see the many followers of Joyce Meyer. I think this post is well done, but I would like to point out one thing. The link is a terrible link. Please take time to review some of their other "discernment" work and you will see they are clearly in error a lot. I would pass this article on to friends who enjoy Joyce Meyer, but not with the link provided.


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