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Recognizing Satanic Symbols in the World Today

This is a post that is designed to help educate you about symbols in the world today and to protect yourself from the symbols belonging to satan. Some of these images may shock you. You may find these symbols on television, in your home, on your clothes, on album covers,  movies, magazines, stores, restaurants, etc. We strongly encourage you to remove these symbols from your life because of the danger of attracting evil spirits.

Here are some of the satanic symbols in the world today.

Sun faces: Those are a part of an 18th century Masonic ritual painting. The sun god Baal reigns over lesser Gods around the world.

Sun/Moon together: It is an universal pagan expression of opposites. It is the marriage of the male sun and female moon. It represents a conformity to a new consciousness where all is one.

The Tao/ Yin Yang symbol: an ancient Chinese symbol to spread a belief in unity, polarity, holism and magic. It represents monism (all is one) and pantheism (all is God). It opposes Christianity.

Inverted Pentagram (goat star symbol) is a satanism star. The star is satan aka Baphomet. Masons wear this star to identify each other. Satanist churches around the world use this symbol. A well known heavy satanist Aliester Crowley wore this symbol. The thirty-third degree founder of the Masons, Albert Pike, also wore this symbol.

The Pentegram Star is a symbol used in witchcraft and it represents the "elements" which are earth, wind, fire and water with the spirit surrounding them. It is used for protection.

The Hexagram Star is a symbol that calls upon the powers of darkness and it is used to work magic. In witchcraft, this is the most evil sign in the occult world. It must be present to call a demon forth during a ceremonial rite. It is used to place a hex, or a curse on someone.

The All Seeing Eye/ Udjat/ Eye of Horus is a symbol of Lucifer. Below his eye is a tear because he mourns for those outside his influence.

The All Seeing Eye above the pyramid is also the eye of Lucifer. It is a symbol of those who have control of the world's finances. It is also used in divination, hexes, curses, psychic control and many wicked things. This is also a symbol of the Illuminati, an evil and powerful group of satan worshippers. This symbol is on our dollar bill.

The Ankh is a popular symbol and it is also worn in jewelry. It is NOT a cross. This one has a loop on top. This symbolizes fertility rites and building up lust within a person. The spirit of Lust is the power of this symbol. It also symbolizes reincarnation and worship to Ra, the sun god of Egypt (satan). In order to worship him in his rites, you have to give up your virginity and practice orgys.

Upside down cross: A mockery of Jesus worn by heavy satanists. It is popular with rock singers and you will find it on their album covers. It is also engraved on the seat of the Pope.

Zodiac/Horoscope: It is a satanic and occult worship. The symbols of horoscope signs are included with this. Practioners acknowledge their god as Baal or Lucifer.

Peace Symbol/ Nero's Cross/ Antichrist symbol: It is an upside down cross and the arms of the cross are broken. This is also known as "The Dead Man Rune" and it appears on the tombs of many of Hitler's SS troops. Unfortunately, this is a popular symbol in our world today.

Lightning Bolt/ Satan's "S": This lightning bolt means destroyer. It was the weapon of Zeus. It was worn by the Nazi Germany. It is worn to gain power over others.

Satantic Cross: It is an upside down question mark that questions the diety of God. In the occult, it represents the trinity of satan: Satan, Belial and Leviathan. This symbol represents complete power under Lucifer.

Star and Crescent: This is a heavily popular symbol as well! The moon represents the moon goddess Dinah and the star represents Lucifer, "the son of morning." It is used in witchcraft and satanism. It is also the symbol of Islam and Muslims.

The symbol of Anarchy: This symbol means to abolish all laws. A satanism law is "do what thou wilt" which is anarchy as well. This is popular with rock and heavy metal bands.

Horned God hand symbol: This represents the horned God of witchcraft Pan or Cernunnos. This one has the thumb under the fingers of the right hand.

Horned Hand symbol: The sign of recognition between those in the occult. When it is pointed to someone, it is meant to place a curse upon them. The thumb is over the finger and used by the left hand.

666: the Mark of the beast (Revelation 13:18)
The mark of the beast is also in this symbol. It has been found on the cover of NKJV bibles! (I will never purchase an NKJV bible.)

Mormon Aprons (up until the 1960s):

Masons/Shriners symbol: 

Peace symbol (symbol of the antichrist): Witches must go through an initiation to reject Christ. They are handed a ceramic cross then they turn it upside down and they break the cross bars down. This symbol is the symvol of Antichrist and it was very popular during the dark ages.

AOL symbol:

Time Warner: 


Target Symbol: It is not a bull's eye symbol as many mistakenly believe. It is a Circumpunct (Circle with a dot in the center, aka Bindu). In Hinduism and buddhism, the Bindu represents a male force. It represents the sun god Ra (satan). It is the climatic act of sun god worship.

To Freemasons, it gives them the power of emotional restraint.The Masons of the Blue Lodge are taught that the point within a circle represents the individual Mason (the point), contained and restricted by the boundary line of his duty (the Circle).

It is the "creative spark of divine consciousness with people linking everyone to the creative mind of an universal "god" in astrology. 


How to recognize satanic symbols in Hollywood: Please watch this video!

A Voice in the Wilderness


Fanie van Staden (Jo'burg RSA) said...

Extremely interesting and informative. I have been studying symbols for years and are making those around me aware of its sinister meaning and power- the response has varied between lacklustre/ uniterested to anger and rejection. Yes it is everywhere- in our architecture, on billboards, company logos, clothing, cars, and off course, electronic and printed media. Keep up the good work! Jesus is LORD!

Fanie van Staden (Jo'burg RSA) said...

Hi to the voice!
My e-mail to the above address returned..
I have put together a comprehensive information session in PowerPoint format on symbols in use in corporations and on clothing.
Your video is a good, informative introduction. How can I legally obtain a copy?
I am struggling to get a sound, intelligent explanation of the purpose/ function and origin of symbolism. I know that it transcends cultures, language and generations and that it is an esoteric, perennial language, but the origins are not clearly defined. Your video touches on it but a more comprehensive explanation would be appreciated.

Fanie van Staden (Jo'burg RSA) said...

Sorry, another comment:
The lightning bolt is symbolic of the fall of Lucifer fr
om heaven. Luk 10:18 And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven. It is also the symbol on Harry Potter's forehead.
Question: Is the display of symbols by corporations in preparation of the new world order sytem where they may not participate in the NWO economy unless they are flying Satan's colours? (the sign of the beast?)

Anonymous said...

Good info.

Anonymous said...

you missed out the bad religion logo - a cross with a red circle and line thorugh it

Archaeology cat said...

Just a couple of quick comments, if I may. First it is important to note that what a symbol means in one culture may have a different meaning in another. A modern example is the # sign. In the US it's called the "pound sign" and is often used in medical charts to denote a person's weight. In the UK it is called the "hash sign" and is not used to denote weight, as far as I know.

Anyway, the upside-down cross. Tradition holds that St Peter was crucified upside-down because he did not consider himself worthy of dying the same way as Jesus. The Pope is the successor of St Peter, thus the upside-down cross. It is not used to convey any other meaning than that, as far as I'm aware. I know other groups do use it with other meanings, but the Catholic Church does not.

The ankh - it is not a fertility symbol, and I've never heard of orgies being required to worship Re. It's a symbol of life, thus you often see Egyptian gods and goddesses holding it, giving life to a person. I do agree that it is not a cross, though. :-)

God bless!

A Voice in the Wilderness said...

Hi, I understand that completely, but what is failed to be recognized was that Peter was crucified upside-down on a cross, not on an upside-down cross. It wouldn't be possible for the head stake to be long enough to enter the ground. The cross was erected, and Peter was upside down. Hope this helps, thanks!


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