Monday, October 19, 2009

Starbucks Revealed

Many of us are big fans of Starbucks and we have our coffee made just the way we like it. As we excitedly enter the doors, we may notice the weird symbol on their logo. I did at first and then just gradually got used to noticing it that I forgot about it. One day, I stumbled across some websites about the logo and saw there was more to the symbol that I ever knew about.

The logo is an half fish and half woman creature called a Siren. She entices her victims by promising them sex. Disney changed the image of the Mermaid in a more innocent waif, and many people forgot about the true image of mermaids.

Starbucks is also a two-tailed mermaid. It changed it's image several times over the years and became more subtle, but it's still there. Look at the pictures below carefully:

This Starbucks goddess is also known as ISIS.

Isis is a goddess that began in ancient Egypt and the worship of her spread to many places in the world. Isis is the goddess of motherhood and fertility. She is also the mother of Horus, and she married her brother, Osiris. She is also worshiped in the religion of Paganism.

She is also known as the "Queen of Heaven." Some Christians are aware of the long history of Isis, Baal and sun worshiping that descends back to the biblical times of Nimrod and Semiramis. We see the images of the queen of heaven in many places. Here is one likeness:

In those Starbucks images, Isis has six strands of wavy hair. Six is the number of the Kaballistic "Macrocosm," the universe. It is the number of sides of the three-dimensional cube. The wavy lines symbolize vibration: the root nature of all substance.

Isis wears a crown on her head which is a cut up pentagram that represents the world of spirit. This crown is known to represent the presence of spirit hidden in worldly desire.

Isis appears as fish to symbolize Pisces.

What you do with this information is up to you. As for me, I prefer McDonald's iced vanilla coffee over Starbucks.

A Voice in the Wilderness


Pilar said...

I have never heard about this Charlene, it is so interesting. Definatly something I appreciate you sharing. We don´t have Starbucks where I live but I love the frapps.... oh well.....

Martha said...

Wow, good post Charlene! I've grown so accustomed to stores and their logos, I've never even bothered to think twice about the Starbucks logo. After doing my own research, I am shocked to discover the true source of the logo. It's not a harmless doodle of a woman, it has history behind it. I've always wondered why it quickly became popular within the blink of an eye. It's on every block! Thank goodness I don't like Starbucks coffee anyways, I love me some iced-coffee from McDonalds too!

Marlene said...

Isis is everywhere! Really if you are worried about Isis, then the millions of catholics who worship her without knowing, are far more in danger of spiritual deception than the people that buy coffee at Starbuck's. At least they don't bow down onto the coffee... or say prayers to it... etc...

Good post!

Christina said...

You mention Nimrod... btw... did you know that Nimrod's bday was tradtionally believed to be December 25th. Interesting, huh?

A Voice in the Wilderness said...

Marlene and Christina, thank you for your comments! This is only the first topic, we've barely scratched the surface. Stay tuned for further posts about a variety of issues, including Catholics and Christmas.

Mrs. Bridget G. said...

I love this!!! I wonder how many other evils are hidden in our society. I know there is something about an eye on our dollar, but what else? Keep informing us!

Andrea said...

WOW...sadly, I don't think I ever noticed the image on the cup..I was too concerned about getting my coffee.
Thanks, andrea

Heart2Heart said...

I had read about this before and it's funny how some people don't even realize it!

Great posts and can't wait to read even more.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

whittybrooke said...

Wow! This was so intersting. I don't drink coffee at all so never really thought much about the Starbucks symbol, but I have always been bothered by the little mermaid movie and how they dress, etc. My daughter had been asking to watch it so we tried it while my husband and son were gone one day and ended up not watching it all....there was just so much weird stuff in there besides the immodest dress! I've also never liked the scene in peter pan that has mermaids in it....they're very indecent and provocative, especially for what's supposed to be a children's movie. :-( The world is very subtle at sneaking this kind of stuff in though. Thanks for all this great info! I look forward to reading more about it in the future.


A Voice in the Wilderness said...

This is a link which shows Starbucks in other countries with more luciferian symbols! Notice the eye of satan/horus, pyramid mountain, crescent moon, half man/half goat is saturn which is satan, and lucky is a name of lucifer.


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